Saturday, June 07, 2008

Malaysian Hawker fare- I love it but with the rising prices....Hmmmm

outside FGA KL used to be Dennis's kopitiam where we had breakfast every Sunday [used to anyway] he made the best black pepper pork kueh teow, and ginger beef kueh teow.

ever since he left for the UK I hadn't been there at all and it's been....years.
when I finally visited the place again last week i found that it had been taken over by...some other chinese folks and the whole setup looked so different. the counter was now at the back and the servers were different folks.
i was told that the century egg porridge was good so i ordered it. it was a very small bowl but really delicious. great flavour, lotsa ginger and spring onions which i love, and the porridge was well seasoned. of course i love century egg. wish there were more of it tough!
another hawker staple that gav and i order quite often is the pork noodles. I love it "kon low" [in sauce, with soup on the side] and gavin likes it "chee sui" [in pork broth] there's just something about the porky things and green veggies in hot soup that's so yummy. minced pork, pork meatballs and slices of pork in a fragrant broth with choy sum. And I must have it with the green chillis in soy sauce. I also like the ones made with chinese pork sausage.
this particular one was eaten at happy garden.

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