Tuesday, June 10, 2008

my 100th post! wow. this spicy chicken cornish pasty was eaten at secret recipe. I reckon it's very easy to make a pasty. just make the pastry and wrap up the filling inside and bake. kind of like a baked curry puff. the filling was very curry-like as well. saucy, full of shredded chicken. Tasty, and the crisp buttery pastry was the best part. and it's filling enough for a light lunch. The bits of carrot in it make a nice difference in texture.
I had this fluffy 'appam' at sri devi in SS14. I hadnt had sweet appam in years, and this came with the coconut milk on the side. I like the coconut milk flavour but I also like it crisp so to counter it, i eat the crisp edges first then douse the middle part with the coconut milk.

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