Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Malay food at sunway mentari: JARING

the first thing i saw were these huge beef bones. apparently it's for the sup tulang which I didnt get to have today but I will some other day.
they look like they must've been difficult to chop...
prices are.... not that cheap. but I suppose that's what happens when a place gets so popular/famous.
look at the queue! you know it's gotta be good.... the roasted chickens look tempting too.
the fiance had his favourite ikan pari and kangkung and some other indiscernible curry.
I had my favourite sambal egg and potato "cutlet" thing which is deep fried with some fish pieces in it. [anything deep fried is tasty] and what looks like oversized brussel sprouts. all were yummy. I had some coconut milky curry sauce with the rice which was really tasty too.

lotsa lotsa curries! yummy but guilt inducing bcoz of the high amounts of fat/cholesterol involved. Malay curries tend to have more coconut milk than indian curries but they're good too in their own way. This place is always packed with lunchtime workers so try to come at non peak times. definitely worth a visit or two or three or four....

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