Saturday, March 28, 2009

herbal chicken soup

this is a review of uncle sun's chinese herbal chicken soup mix. it comes in 2 paper sachets that you boil along with the chicken and water.

it says to add 2 pieces of garlic but i added something like 6-7. you can't ever have too much garlic!
I used chicken ribs. the instructions didn't say how much chicken to use so it's up to guesstimation!
for fun and creativity's sake, I added more goji,ginseng slices, ginger and red dates and even threw in a few choy sum stalks. and salt of course. the packet said to boil only 20 mins but i did like a chinese auntie and boiled it 3 hours!

it tasted pretty good and flavourful except that I added too much ginseng so it became slightly bitter. if you don't like the bitter just don't add ginseng.

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