Wednesday, March 04, 2009

more foody things

this is a bento set gavin had. no idea what it is but it looks like fried chicken and rice with salad. i dont like the idea of having "salad" with rice. it's just so wrong. like trying to merge a western concept with a chinese one. a bad marriage. if i have a salad, i want it with lasagne, or in a sandwich. not with rice!
now this looks so gorgeous, an individual lemon meringue pie from delicious than fan got me. i was so greedy i ate the whole thing by myself.
the lemon filling was full of lemon rind, and the sugary meringue top balanced out the tang from the lemon. the crust was ....nice and short. i would definitely order it again.
this is my last minute "eve's pudding" that i modified to become some sort of a cake. instead of apples, i added sliced bananas and chopped almonds and chocolate chips to the batter mixture.
it was a mistake! it ended up a too dry . i guess it was meant to have the wet apples sticking at the bottom to give it moisture. next time i'll stick to using apples!

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