Wednesday, March 04, 2009

pyrmont -sydney fish market

we love seafood, and our top of the list seafood item is salmon sashimi. fresh and flavourful, full of omega 3... our tasty little morsels of bright orange fish flesh is always always expensive! this bit of it was AUD$6.50 which is still cheaper than what you'd pay in malaysia [dollar for dollar]
here's where gav had it. I've been here a few times before but i'd always gone for the fried stuff like fish n' chips, deep fried calamari and salads.
when i was in australia i didnt miss malaysian food THAT much, coz i love Aussie food like its dairy products [which are expensive in m'sia] especially cheeses! this is my favourite kind of everyday cheese. coon!

and of course, cadbury choccies! somehow i dont like malaysian made cadbury chocolates coz they're not creamy enough, and they're not overloaded with sugar like the aussie ones! in fact most malaysian made chocolate don't even contain real milk but rather "milk solids" and "vegtable fat solids" [ugh! gross!!]

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