Wednesday, March 11, 2009

jassal tandoori house

at jln tun sambathan. in brickfields, i think. we just parked at YMCA coz it was impossible finding a parking spot nearby.

i love this place so we came here again to celebrate my birthday. somehow we often seem to order too much and then try to force ourselves to finish the food. today was no exception!
the naans here are 10x better than any mamak's naans. they're fragrant, crisp and soft at the same time. we hadthe garlic naan and butter naan.
we really shouldn;t have ordered 3 dishes but i got greedy so we had the butter chicken, aloo gobi [potato and cauliflower] and the paneer thing. forgot the name, but it starts with "K". the waiter was very helpful, giving explanations and recommendations as well.

of course, each dish was excellent. all were deliciuos with just the right blend of flavours and spices. the potato and cauliflower dish had bits of onion and ginger in it.
of course the butter chicken was to die for! the sauce was thick and tasty, i don't know what's in it but it had a slightly sourish, rich yoghurty flavour so maybe tomatoes?
my fav, the paneer thing. the cheese cubes were so rich and the thick tasty sauce was so good. i onlyregret that i got too full to finish it in the end. although there were chilli pieces in it, it wasn't at all hot.
we came at 11.30am to beat the crowds so for the most part of the meal we enjoyed the quiet. later we smelled the briyani rice that someone else ordered and i decided we had to try that the next time we come.

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