Thursday, March 12, 2009

sek yuen at jln Pudu

Sek Yuen is the legendary chinese restaurant that my parents knew even before i was born. my dad says it's older than he! i guess he ought to know since he grew up around the Pudu area. walking into the place made me feel like i was in a time warp.
some pro photographers' photos of the place.

the problem for me is that there's no menu so I had to rely on mum's cantonese and let her order whatever she thought was good. if only there were a menu with photos and in english! could someone suggest this to them?

we ended up with this garlicky and ginger-ish braised chicken. tasty.
i always love choy tam. this came with lotsa fried garlic. loved the oily gravy!
looks as if nothing's changed since the 70's!
we also had some [same ol] staples like tofu and "koo low yoke" [sweet sour pork] my parents don't deviate much from their usual fare. i would've liked to try something different but since I got there late they'd already ordered! oh well, i guess we love what's familiar.
i suppose if you're feelin' nostalgic you could come here but parking is difficult.

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