Friday, March 13, 2009

nasi campur at Jaring Sunway

every time we come here i'm at a loss on what to choose. there're just too many good things and no amount of visits here would be enough to try everything! or so it seems to me.
the nasi campur is what most people go for here as there're just too many things to choose from. i dont know the names to most of the dishes except the ayam percik, ikan bakar, kangkung and sambal telur. I do stick to what's familiar most of the time.
today i went for the ikan bilis smothered in some red sauce thing, the kangkung [which i love] and the flavourful ayam percik. i like dousing the rice in some sauce and so far the gravies from the curries have been really good but today i made a huge mistake by dousing my rice in tempoyak sauce! it was horrendous as i hate durian or anything that smells remotely like durian! so imagine my horror when i tasted this FERMENTED durian sauce! ughhh
i thought it was just some coconut milk meat gravy.
that pretty much ruined my experience today which was a pity as the chicken and kangkung were very good indeed.
gav almost always goes for the pari which is grilled on banana leaves and doused in some oniony-chilli watery dip.

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