Wednesday, March 18, 2009

jln alor - shui kee

i'd heard so much about how great the food at Jln Alor is but every time i go there i get conned by some idiotic overpriced tourist trap restaurant. actually i still dont know which are the "good" stalls but i sure know which are the rubbish ones! definitely the first one on the road is rubbish, the one called dragon view. they charge RM10 for a bowl of fish porridge that tastes just like any granma's fish porridge! probably not as good as my own grandma's....
and hardly any meat in it!

another time we tried the hawker fare but got conned by an RM5 plate of charkueh teow that was as tiny as penang portions!

anyway tonight we were determined to find a good one along this road and managed to sit down at this chinese rice n' dishes place called shui kee. it's really easy to order here because all their dishes are clearly documented complete with price and photos and descriptions. there were 4 of us but we ordered 5 dishes so ended up eating too much and couldn't finish.

my rule of thumb is to order the same no. of dishes as diners [when it comes to chinese rice n' dishes meals]
this fried ommelette was fluffy and tasty and oily.

i love kailan and this came with a garlicky salty gravy which i liked.

of course kangkung belacan is always a favourite. the sauce is savory and slightly sweetish.

the black pepper venison was okay but the texture of the meat was dry-ish

butter chicken - creamy sauce. it was really delicious but i suppose the most unhaelthy dish here!

altogether it was RM63 for the 4 of us including drinks. not too bad considering having "value" meals at macD's would've cost the same amount!

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